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Crypcentra removes the infrastructural complexity of interacting with digital assets by providing institutions with comprehensive pre and post-trade data architecture, analytics and execution tools. Replace complex in-house infrastructure build-out and data management with fast configuration, enhanced data and streamlined workflows.

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Digital Asset Investment Tools; Built for Institutions.

Research Through to Execution.

Asset Screening

The investable universe is ever-expanding. Crypcentra enables you to efficiently cut through the noise and identify the assets that meet your investment thesis, in seconds, instead of days.


Market Data

Developed with three analytical levels in mind: micro-level, meso-level and macro-level. Crypcentra enables you to explore the underlying data of any digital asset or instrument with both depth and breadth.


Price Monitoring

Designed for high speed, low latency price monitoring. Crypcentra enables you to identify and exploit opportunities across multiple assets, instruments, exchanges and markets, in real-time.


Order Book

Make better-informed trading decisions. Crypcentra enables you to inspect the order books of multiple assets and instruments across multiple trading venues instantly.


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End-to-End Digital Asset Investment Tools.

Built For Institutions.

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